Tullamore Gospel Choir


Our latest album "When God made me" was released in November 2011, making a huge advance in the profile of Tullamore Gospel Choir.   It will hopefully build upon our fan base and get our music heard by more people than ever.

The album, “When God Made Me” consists of ten songs, seven of which are originals from our Director Brendan Keeley each providing a combination of his high energy, melodious choir vocals and heartfelt lyrics

The album was recorded at T.G.C. Studios, Tullamore, Co. Offaly Ireland and at The Church of the Assumption, Tullamore by Brian Sheil of B/S Studios, Carlow and also by Brendan Keeley. 

This gospel-themed album is presented beautifully with a sensational array of influences that have found their way into our album as Brendan has always been impassioned to bring something unique to gospel.  It also features our highly talented musicians and soloist's 

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Have a listen to one of the songs from our album by clicking the link below.

 Rita Murray singing Finally on our album "When God Made Me"